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K.Marinović - Using something hardly reachable as a motivation

Don´t limit your goals!

                                                                                        K.Marinović - Leaving

You should never limit your goals and make compromises. Go as big as you can. And after quite some time, you realise that only dreaming is for pussies. There is only dedication and hard work and during that period only striving for your goals, for the finish line of all your plans. If you think like "Oh, it´s okay, Honda Civic is a fine car, there is no need to go for anything better than that", chances are, you are not going to be so successful. GO AS BIG AS YOU CAN, DON´T LIMIT YOURSELF. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve ABSOLUTELY everything you want. Anytime. Anywhere. No compromises. 

If we apply that to real life, there are few methods that work for me.

Hardly reachable girls can also be one hell of a motivation. Yeah, sounds dumb when you hear it for the first time... BUT, worked for me. If you fall in love with a girl who is on a way higher level than you, if you can´t get to her, no matter how hard you start working on yourself to be able to get on the same level as her. You start being prepared for everything. You start making sacrifices you would never do before. It´s hard looking at your dream girl, realising you could never be so close to her...Well, it´s time to change that! This might sound ridiculous, BUT it´s actually a lot more than just a girl. You start developing yourself as a whole. Not just physically. You want to become successful because of her. You want to become handsome, You want to make more money. You want to help people. You want to contribute to the world. You want to look good, You want to be a person satisfied with everything you see when you look in the mirror. If you fall in love with a girl like that, you are not going to be sorry... I have a confession to make: I´ve even started working out... from 1 AM to 5 AM every day...Yes...

Also, hardly reachable material things can be a motivation and most of the time are the only motivation, BUT I used to overestimate this area. The method above is the main one that worked for me. This part is the reason why most of the people even start their career. Well, if we are going that far, it´s the reason most of us live for. Material things for some people, like myself, can be really motivating. For some people it is a motivation, but not the right one. It´s just not enough to get some people going. I guess it´s just too common and boring... For me, it works perfectly. I´m all about differentiating from the others, and want to be on a completely other road than everyone else. Material things are one hell of a motivation to do that. Or should I say, to show that. If someone wears black trousers, I want to wear the red ones. If someone drives a Civic, I want to drive a Tesla. If someone wants to drink alcohol, I will gladly drink water. Simple as that. But, I´m an exception... Plus, material things are great challenges to yourself. "Can I do it?" Yes, you can. The only things that stop you from achieving your goals are the limitations you make yourself.

If you need a small material boost, check out my post about the story of Allen Wong: 

Then, there are people who motivate themselves with just passion. Contributing to the world. Making hardly achievable things. Apps, inventions, new pieces of technology, etc. Who only care about helping others, contributing to the society, making the world a better place. There are really tons of ways to motivate you with something hardly reachable.

The things above are nice challenges. You have to challenge yourself. Prove to everyone, and more importantly, to yourself, that you can do it. That´s why I decided to do it. To make it happen. Set yourself a challenge. "Can I buy that new Camaro?" Of course. You can do everything you want. "Life has no limitations, except the ones we make ourselves." Don´t make any.


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K.Marinović - Surround yourself with people who are better than you

Let them MOTIVATE you!

                                                                                                                                                                          K.Marinović - Splashing

I feel like everything in my life has happened for a reason so far. The drive in a Camaro that motivated me so much that I go to sleep at 5 AM every day, working all night just to be be able to buy it, but also a lot of small things that had a big influence on me. For example, a few days ago, I lost almost 100 followers on Twitter in just 2 hours. I went outside that night, thought about everything, slapped myself and said; "Now, you are going to get inside, turn on your laptop and destroy everyone´s mind with your new photo. Then, you are going to be following people, liking stuff, editing new photos,  just to keep yourself in the game." That was exactly what happened...

BUT, if your life hasn´t been the same so far... Let´s try to make it that way!

The environment that you are in has a lot of impact on you. If you don´t feel like everything is going so naturally like in my case, create you perfect environment! 

Let´s turn it this way: Let´s say you are in 2 bands. 

In the first band, you are an intermediate guitar player and your band members are starting out just now. They´ve started playing their instruments a few months ago. You are by far the best member of that band. In the beginning, it´s all a lot of fun, no ego, no strings attached. BUT, in a few months, you are starting to be cocky. You are starting to be aware that you are a god in that band and your ego starts growing. You are slowly beginning making fun of them, throwing smal jokes at them occasionally. That is the beginning of your end. Although, your ego can be a plus in some cases, like in the case of Steve Jobs, something that makes your attitude a lot more serious, it usually keeps you on the same spot for a long time, slows down your progress and development. After some time, you just begin thinking about yourself and underestimating others. If you are the best in your band for a long time, you stop progressing because you don´t have motivation for going forward.

In the second band, you are the beginner. You´ve just started playing bass. Beside you, you have an awesome lead guitar player who can play absolutely every technique flawlessly. Then, you have an amazing drummer and a great vocalist who can pull off some nice clean vocals as well as some brutal growling. As a bass player, you´ll look up to that amazing guitar player, you´ll watch his fingers fly on that fretboard and you´ll want to do the same thing on your fretboard. Every new day, you´ll want to be like him, the big star, the hero, even more. You are going to practice every day in your room for hours. You are going to be the quiet worker. No ego. Just practice. With practice and hard work, the results come soon. 

The same situation can be true in real life. This is just a simplified version.

If you drive a Polo... Find a friend with a Mustang.

You´ll be working all day just to get the Mustang just like your friend. BUT, if you drive a Mustang and your friends drives a Polo... You are never going to buy a Ferrari.


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K.Marinović - What Motivated Me Lately - The Story of Allen Wong

Let this motivate YOU!

                                                                                                                                                                                          K.Marinović - Drama

Being a giant supercar fan, as well as a big smartphone lover, a few months ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a blue Lamborghini Aventador giving a girl a ride from school. There are millions of similar videos like that, I know, mostly uploaded by rich sons who have rich daddies. But, this one was a bit different. There was just something about him... I decided to check out some of his other videos and realised my hunch wasn´t a nonsense!

                                                                                            You can check the video that got me interested in him here: 

Turns out, his name is Allen Wong, he is an app developer and a creator of the 5-0 Radio iOS app. At the time, not sure if this is true now, but he was the youngest man who had bought an Aventador, all by himself. And his story is really fascinating...

He grew up in the slums of China, living in a really poor family. His parents tried everything to provide them a better life. His dad finally moved to New York, but was really poor at the beginning. They really saved every penny in a hope for a better life one day. 

The real game-changer for Allen was one night...The night he saw a Lamborghini in his neighbourhood . The driver was a young man, surprisingly. It was a scene you couldn´t see every day there. Everyone was starring at the car, even the elderly. That moment was Allen´s biggest motivation, the moment he realised everything could be done. "Life has no limitations, except the ones you make yourself."

In college, he studied a lot about programming. He got a Macbook there and every door was open for him. His first app was 5-0 Radio, the app that let you hear what police stations had been saying. Something very unique at the time. Later on, a lot of copies, similar apps were released. He wanted to rest assured he was special, so he made another app, that lets you do the same thing, just to compete with himself. 5-0 Radio being the first app in this store, his second app managed to completely annihilate every other similar app and came to the second place in the store. 

Now, he owns a Lamborghini Aventador and a Tesla Model S P85D (which he actually bought for his mother). Not only that, he says he only spends 10% of his income.

He hasn´t become spoiled. The money hasn´t changed him in any way. He still helps people, makes innovative apps that change our life and is a great person. He goes to sleep every day very proud of himslef, knowing he has made it. Knowing he has been making our lives better, as well as his own one.

Let the story of Allen Wong motivate you, because remember:

"If an opportunity doesn´t knock...Build a door."


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K.Marinović - Setting yourself a goal and keeping yourself motivated


                                                                                                                               K.Marinović - I See You

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. We have to find ways to avoid it as much as possible. Like I said, after the ride in a Camaro, all I think of is: „I am going to be a janitor, a scavenger, I´ll clean bathrooms...But one day, I´m buying that car.“

There are multiple ways for keeping yourself motivated throughout time and completely deleting the word "laziness" from your brain.

On my phone, I have a widget on my homescreen called "Countdown". Basically, you set the deadline for doing something or an important date and it counts how many days there are until that day. Whenever I unlock my phone, I see "Relaxing in a Camaro - 23.8.2024. - **** days left." That is my birthday, 7 years from now. This is a really good way for keeping yourself motivated. Whenever I check the time and think "Oh, I could get some sleep", then I see that and say "No time for sleeping."

My biggest fear in life is mediocrity. Being in the same category as the others, doing the same jobs, driving the same cars... I tend to avoid mediocrity. Keeping myself motivated for my goal is really important to me.

Beside every other tip I can give you about motivation, being underestimated and being in the shadow of someone else is your biggest weapon. It is proven that people who suffer in their childhood tend to make more money when they grow up than people who already had everything and didn´t have to do anything, using their pain to motivate themselves for proving their strength to the others. 

Also, everyone goes with the "shorter route." If you want to succeed, like I do, chances are: it is easier for you to work your whole life to get something, than being in the category as everyone else but procrastinating every day and enjoying every second of your life. Think about that for a second. "Everyone goes with the shorter route, picks to do what is the easiest for him." That can also be very important. Accepting this theory, if you really want to succeed, you´ll do anything for it, as it is easier for you to live a few years in success after all that work, than enjoying your life every day in mediocrity and being "another brick in the wall."


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K.Marinović - Finding your motivation


                                                                                                                                                                             K.Marinović - The View 

Whenever someone asks me how I keep myself motivated, I reply „I don´t know. You have to find that way yourself. You have to feel it.“ There is no formula for keeping yourself motivated. Sure, I could give you some tips like: „Open up a picture of a black matte Mercedes SLS every day“ or „Look up to Cristiano Ronaldo, he was so poor and now, he earns millions...“ But you know, there is no emotion. You would end up being lost and thinking just about money. Yes, I know, it´s hard to motivate yourself without material stuff, but the best way is to combine the material goods and helping other people, making the world a better place. Let me tell you an interesting  story, a story about the source of my motivation, the reason why I go to sleep at 4 AM...

How it all started...

So, I live in a place where opulence is not really a common word. Plus, Croatia is in a tough situation right now. You have a bigger chance of seeing a ghost than a supercar or anything like that here. I just started attending high school and was pretty happy, but I still didn´t find the right way to follow. At that time, let´s say I was just an ordinary teenager who, like everybody, dreamt of being famous and successful one day. But, that was it. I didn´t do anything to make it happen.

One day, a mom´s friend from childhood came to us all the way from Germany. When my dad said in what car he was going to come, I thought he was joking. He said the friend was going to come in the Camaro that we saw previous summer on a vacation on the island of Vir. Of course, the car was not his. He borrowed it from a wealthy friend. But, God was I wrong... He really did come in a Camaro! It was not just any Camaro. It was a 45th anniversary Chevy Camaro, Limited Edition, with staggering 570HP. What a beast that was! And it looked absolutely fantastic painted in black with red stripes riddled across the roof. Starting the engine was even better. Man, what a sound! You could hear it from a few miles away. The feeling of just getting the opportunity to look at it was a bless. It felt really different than any other day... We also went for a ride. The feeling of the acceleration was absolutely sublime. It makes you stick to the seat and open your mouth! The driver was really driving like it was the last day on Earth. When we arrived to have a drink at the hotel, everyone was leaning forward from their seats to have a look at the car... I felt so...special...successful.

From that day on, I knew what I wanted to achieve. I said to myself: „I am going to be a janitor, a scavenger, I´ll clean bathrooms...But, one day, I´m buying that car.“ And it has stayed with me ever since.

From that day on, I don´t accept mediocrity. I say to myself „My dreams won´t stay only dreams.“ Sure, it´s easier to give up, sit back and enjoy, watch a movie and chill. But, I won´t accept mediocrity. Not that easily.

Someone will say „It´s just a car, dude. Material goods.“ It´s not about the car itself. It´s about being able to buy the car. Having the power to do anything. Saying „I´m not going to be ordinary. I´m going to make my dreams a reality.“ It doesn´t matter what your motivation is, it´s just important to find one. Everything else comes later. After that ride, I took it slow. I didn´t want to rush and just make money off of anything, selling hot-dogs. I wanted to find my true passion. That´s what YOU have to find as well. If you only care about the money, chances are, you are probably not going to make it. Like Steve Jobs said, you will only care about the money, you won´t have passion and you will give up when the first little obstacle blocks your way. Find your true passion. For me, that was photography. After a year from the ride, I realised I really enjoyed doing photography. Later on, I expanded my passion, realising I loved cinematography and technology as well.

In my case, yes, my motivation was something that had to do solely with money, but that was just a small boost. A small boost. Everyone needs that small boost. It doesn´t matter what it is, whatever works in your case.

Just find your passion. And boost yourself a bit.


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