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K.Marinović - Finding your motivation


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Whenever someone asks me how I keep myself motivated, I reply „I don´t know. You have to find that way yourself. You have to feel it.“ There is no formula for keeping yourself motivated. Sure, I could give you some tips like: „Open up a picture of a black matte Mercedes SLS every day“ or „Look up to Cristiano Ronaldo, he was so poor and now, he earns millions...“ But you know, there is no emotion. You would end up being lost and thinking just about money. Yes, I know, it´s hard to motivate yourself without material stuff, but the best way is to combine the material goods and helping other people, making the world a better place. Let me tell you an interesting  story, a story about the source of my motivation, the reason why I go to sleep at 4 AM...

How it all started...

So, I live in a place where opulence is not really a common word. Plus, Croatia is in a tough situation right now. You have a bigger chance of seeing a ghost than a supercar or anything like that here. I just started attending high school and was pretty happy, but I still didn´t find the right way to follow. At that time, let´s say I was just an ordinary teenager who, like everybody, dreamt of being famous and successful one day. But, that was it. I didn´t do anything to make it happen.

One day, a mom´s friend from childhood came to us all the way from Germany. When my dad said in what car he was going to come, I thought he was joking. He said the friend was going to come in the Camaro that we saw previous summer on a vacation on the island of Vir. Of course, the car was not his. He borrowed it from a wealthy friend. But, God was I wrong... He really did come in a Camaro! It was not just any Camaro. It was a 45th anniversary Chevy Camaro, Limited Edition, with staggering 570HP. What a beast that was! And it looked absolutely fantastic painted in black with red stripes riddled across the roof. Starting the engine was even better. Man, what a sound! You could hear it from a few miles away. The feeling of just getting the opportunity to look at it was a bless. It felt really different than any other day... We also went for a ride. The feeling of the acceleration was absolutely sublime. It makes you stick to the seat and open your mouth! The driver was really driving like it was the last day on Earth. When we arrived to have a drink at the hotel, everyone was leaning forward from their seats to have a look at the car... I felt so...special...successful.

From that day on, I knew what I wanted to achieve. I said to myself: „I am going to be a janitor, a scavenger, I´ll clean bathrooms...But, one day, I´m buying that car.“ And it has stayed with me ever since.

From that day on, I don´t accept mediocrity. I say to myself „My dreams won´t stay only dreams.“ Sure, it´s easier to give up, sit back and enjoy, watch a movie and chill. But, I won´t accept mediocrity. Not that easily.

Someone will say „It´s just a car, dude. Material goods.“ It´s not about the car itself. It´s about being able to buy the car. Having the power to do anything. Saying „I´m not going to be ordinary. I´m going to make my dreams a reality.“ It doesn´t matter what your motivation is, it´s just important to find one. Everything else comes later. After that ride, I took it slow. I didn´t want to rush and just make money off of anything, selling hot-dogs. I wanted to find my true passion. That´s what YOU have to find as well. If you only care about the money, chances are, you are probably not going to make it. Like Steve Jobs said, you will only care about the money, you won´t have passion and you will give up when the first little obstacle blocks your way. Find your true passion. For me, that was photography. After a year from the ride, I realised I really enjoyed doing photography. Later on, I expanded my passion, realising I loved cinematography and technology as well.

In my case, yes, my motivation was something that had to do solely with money, but that was just a small boost. A small boost. Everyone needs that small boost. It doesn´t matter what it is, whatever works in your case.

Just find your passion. And boost yourself a bit.


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