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K.Marinović - What Motivated Me Lately - The Story of Allen Wong

Let this motivate YOU!

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Being a giant supercar fan, as well as a big smartphone lover, a few months ago I stumbled upon a YouTube video of a blue Lamborghini Aventador giving a girl a ride from school. There are millions of similar videos like that, I know, mostly uploaded by rich sons who have rich daddies. But, this one was a bit different. There was just something about him... I decided to check out some of his other videos and realised my hunch wasn´t a nonsense!

                                                                                            You can check the video that got me interested in him here: 

Turns out, his name is Allen Wong, he is an app developer and a creator of the 5-0 Radio iOS app. At the time, not sure if this is true now, but he was the youngest man who had bought an Aventador, all by himself. And his story is really fascinating...

He grew up in the slums of China, living in a really poor family. His parents tried everything to provide them a better life. His dad finally moved to New York, but was really poor at the beginning. They really saved every penny in a hope for a better life one day. 

The real game-changer for Allen was one night...The night he saw a Lamborghini in his neighbourhood . The driver was a young man, surprisingly. It was a scene you couldn´t see every day there. Everyone was starring at the car, even the elderly. That moment was Allen´s biggest motivation, the moment he realised everything could be done. "Life has no limitations, except the ones you make yourself."

In college, he studied a lot about programming. He got a Macbook there and every door was open for him. His first app was 5-0 Radio, the app that let you hear what police stations had been saying. Something very unique at the time. Later on, a lot of copies, similar apps were released. He wanted to rest assured he was special, so he made another app, that lets you do the same thing, just to compete with himself. 5-0 Radio being the first app in this store, his second app managed to completely annihilate every other similar app and came to the second place in the store. 

Now, he owns a Lamborghini Aventador and a Tesla Model S P85D (which he actually bought for his mother). Not only that, he says he only spends 10% of his income.

He hasn´t become spoiled. The money hasn´t changed him in any way. He still helps people, makes innovative apps that change our life and is a great person. He goes to sleep every day very proud of himslef, knowing he has made it. Knowing he has been making our lives better, as well as his own one.

Let the story of Allen Wong motivate you, because remember:

"If an opportunity doesn´t knock...Build a door."


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