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K.Marinović - Setting yourself a goal and keeping yourself motivated


                                                                                                                               K.Marinović - I See You

Procrastination is your biggest enemy. We have to find ways to avoid it as much as possible. Like I said, after the ride in a Camaro, all I think of is: „I am going to be a janitor, a scavenger, I´ll clean bathrooms...But one day, I´m buying that car.“

There are multiple ways for keeping yourself motivated throughout time and completely deleting the word "laziness" from your brain.

On my phone, I have a widget on my homescreen called "Countdown". Basically, you set the deadline for doing something or an important date and it counts how many days there are until that day. Whenever I unlock my phone, I see "Relaxing in a Camaro - 23.8.2024. - **** days left." That is my birthday, 7 years from now. This is a really good way for keeping yourself motivated. Whenever I check the time and think "Oh, I could get some sleep", then I see that and say "No time for sleeping."

My biggest fear in life is mediocrity. Being in the same category as the others, doing the same jobs, driving the same cars... I tend to avoid mediocrity. Keeping myself motivated for my goal is really important to me.

Beside every other tip I can give you about motivation, being underestimated and being in the shadow of someone else is your biggest weapon. It is proven that people who suffer in their childhood tend to make more money when they grow up than people who already had everything and didn´t have to do anything, using their pain to motivate themselves for proving their strength to the others. 

Also, everyone goes with the "shorter route." If you want to succeed, like I do, chances are: it is easier for you to work your whole life to get something, than being in the category as everyone else but procrastinating every day and enjoying every second of your life. Think about that for a second. "Everyone goes with the shorter route, picks to do what is the easiest for him." That can also be very important. Accepting this theory, if you really want to succeed, you´ll do anything for it, as it is easier for you to live a few years in success after all that work, than enjoying your life every day in mediocrity and being "another brick in the wall."


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