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K.Marinović - Surround yourself with people who are better than you

Let them MOTIVATE you!

                                                                                                                                                                          K.Marinović - Splashing

I feel like everything in my life has happened for a reason so far. The drive in a Camaro that motivated me so much that I go to sleep at 5 AM every day, working all night just to be be able to buy it, but also a lot of small things that had a big influence on me. For example, a few days ago, I lost almost 100 followers on Twitter in just 2 hours. I went outside that night, thought about everything, slapped myself and said; "Now, you are going to get inside, turn on your laptop and destroy everyone´s mind with your new photo. Then, you are going to be following people, liking stuff, editing new photos,  just to keep yourself in the game." That was exactly what happened...

BUT, if your life hasn´t been the same so far... Let´s try to make it that way!

The environment that you are in has a lot of impact on you. If you don´t feel like everything is going so naturally like in my case, create you perfect environment! 

Let´s turn it this way: Let´s say you are in 2 bands. 

In the first band, you are an intermediate guitar player and your band members are starting out just now. They´ve started playing their instruments a few months ago. You are by far the best member of that band. In the beginning, it´s all a lot of fun, no ego, no strings attached. BUT, in a few months, you are starting to be cocky. You are starting to be aware that you are a god in that band and your ego starts growing. You are slowly beginning making fun of them, throwing smal jokes at them occasionally. That is the beginning of your end. Although, your ego can be a plus in some cases, like in the case of Steve Jobs, something that makes your attitude a lot more serious, it usually keeps you on the same spot for a long time, slows down your progress and development. After some time, you just begin thinking about yourself and underestimating others. If you are the best in your band for a long time, you stop progressing because you don´t have motivation for going forward.

In the second band, you are the beginner. You´ve just started playing bass. Beside you, you have an awesome lead guitar player who can play absolutely every technique flawlessly. Then, you have an amazing drummer and a great vocalist who can pull off some nice clean vocals as well as some brutal growling. As a bass player, you´ll look up to that amazing guitar player, you´ll watch his fingers fly on that fretboard and you´ll want to do the same thing on your fretboard. Every new day, you´ll want to be like him, the big star, the hero, even more. You are going to practice every day in your room for hours. You are going to be the quiet worker. No ego. Just practice. With practice and hard work, the results come soon. 

The same situation can be true in real life. This is just a simplified version.

If you drive a Polo... Find a friend with a Mustang.

You´ll be working all day just to get the Mustang just like your friend. BUT, if you drive a Mustang and your friends drives a Polo... You are never going to buy a Ferrari.


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