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K.Marinović - Using something hardly reachable as a motivation

Don´t limit your goals!

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You should never limit your goals and make compromises. Go as big as you can. And after quite some time, you realise that only dreaming is for pussies. There is only dedication and hard work and during that period only striving for your goals, for the finish line of all your plans. If you think like "Oh, it´s okay, Honda Civic is a fine car, there is no need to go for anything better than that", chances are, you are not going to be so successful. GO AS BIG AS YOU CAN, DON´T LIMIT YOURSELF. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can achieve ABSOLUTELY everything you want. Anytime. Anywhere. No compromises. 

If we apply that to real life, there are few methods that work for me.

Hardly reachable girls can also be one hell of a motivation. Yeah, sounds dumb when you hear it for the first time... BUT, worked for me. If you fall in love with a girl who is on a way higher level than you, if you can´t get to her, no matter how hard you start working on yourself to be able to get on the same level as her. You start being prepared for everything. You start making sacrifices you would never do before. It´s hard looking at your dream girl, realising you could never be so close to her...Well, it´s time to change that! This might sound ridiculous, BUT it´s actually a lot more than just a girl. You start developing yourself as a whole. Not just physically. You want to become successful because of her. You want to become handsome, You want to make more money. You want to help people. You want to contribute to the world. You want to look good, You want to be a person satisfied with everything you see when you look in the mirror. If you fall in love with a girl like that, you are not going to be sorry... I have a confession to make: I´ve even started working out... from 1 AM to 5 AM every day...Yes...

Also, hardly reachable material things can be a motivation and most of the time are the only motivation, BUT I used to overestimate this area. The method above is the main one that worked for me. This part is the reason why most of the people even start their career. Well, if we are going that far, it´s the reason most of us live for. Material things for some people, like myself, can be really motivating. For some people it is a motivation, but not the right one. It´s just not enough to get some people going. I guess it´s just too common and boring... For me, it works perfectly. I´m all about differentiating from the others, and want to be on a completely other road than everyone else. Material things are one hell of a motivation to do that. Or should I say, to show that. If someone wears black trousers, I want to wear the red ones. If someone drives a Civic, I want to drive a Tesla. If someone wants to drink alcohol, I will gladly drink water. Simple as that. But, I´m an exception... Plus, material things are great challenges to yourself. "Can I do it?" Yes, you can. The only things that stop you from achieving your goals are the limitations you make yourself.

If you need a small material boost, check out my post about the story of Allen Wong: 

Then, there are people who motivate themselves with just passion. Contributing to the world. Making hardly achievable things. Apps, inventions, new pieces of technology, etc. Who only care about helping others, contributing to the society, making the world a better place. There are really tons of ways to motivate you with something hardly reachable.

The things above are nice challenges. You have to challenge yourself. Prove to everyone, and more importantly, to yourself, that you can do it. That´s why I decided to do it. To make it happen. Set yourself a challenge. "Can I buy that new Camaro?" Of course. You can do everything you want. "Life has no limitations, except the ones we make ourselves." Don´t make any.


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